Our Story

For many decades Jewish people have welcomed Shabbos as an honored and blissful guest, preparing themselves and their homes with eagerness.

What is Shabbos?

A Day of Wonders

As soon as daylight fades and the sky is striking various of shades, we all can feel an exceptional amount of spiritual pureness unrolling upon earth. Women are gently lighting the candles as the men are calmly walking through the quite semi dark streets on their way to shul.

Shabbos is just one piece of serenity. Being that we all wish to accept Shabbos with our fullest respect a Shabbos reminder is necessary. Therefore, prior the 19th century the Rav of every town would blow a shofar at the zman.

Over the century, technological advancement allowed the upgrading of Shabbos sirens by using time clock switches, CD players, loudspeakers etc. these brainstorms indeed made the annunciation of the zman much simpler, but still it came along with several difficulties.

It was in the midst of a Friday evening. Hectic. Mother was busy with last minute prep. for Shabbos. Big sis. was bathing the little siblings. Big brother was placing the heavy starched eyelet tablecloth over the modern dining room table. Eventually things began to settle in. The savory food was already warming on the hot plate. Small, bathed kids with freshly combed hair were kindly playing Legos on the vacuumed tiles. Big boys, recently steamed shirt and suit were properly situated on his shoulders. Father was humming beautiful traditional Shabbos medleys. 

We all awaited the (famous) weekly Shabbos bell informing us that the holy day is about to roll in. but, no sound was heard. Instead, we heard the perpetual chirpings of the crickets and smelled the stench of the skunk. We all realized that Shabbos bells don’t exist in the upstate countries. Further we figured that cities and towns are in need of Shabbos bells too.

Plans started to form into our minds. We thought that when there is something to do, don’t wait, just do it. We asked around our dear neighbors if they are ready to get a Shabbos siren, and yet, all of them were very positive to this idea.

We than sprung into action and started to investigate systems available in today’s age of technology. While researching we discovered that installing such a bell would be very costly and require much of manual work. Still, our plans weren’t given up. “If you want something being done right, do it yourself.” This was exactly what we did. It was absolutely no simple work. We searched mined, mined, dug and finally came up with a brilliant solution that will cater all Jewish sects and communities. Clotch streaming is just unique in its field. With our awesome invention we are constantly being thanked by all.

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